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As a result of poor design (and subsequent bankruptcy) by the company who built Mausoleum 4 and its addition, Mausoleum 4a, these two mausoleum structures are in very bad condition, costing the church unnecessary expenditures each time a frail crypt door is breaks when removed for a burial.  Sadly, the defunct company that designed Mausoleums 4 & 4a used substandard stone. Each of those expensive and frail marble doors is under extreme pressure, sometimes causing them to bow or worse, crack, buckle, and break into pieces as they are removed. Also necessary maintenance on the roof was not completed on the past. After much discussion over the past year with the parish finance council and parish pastoral council, plans are underway to enter into a contract with Cemetery Services Group, Inc. in order to make the necessary repairs to Mausoleums 4 and 4a.  In addition to replacing all of the marble doors with granite doors, we must also replace each roof and make other necessary improvements. 

The cost of this project alone is $153,450.  This huge expense will deplete much of our cemetery savings, leaving very little for future operational expenses. However, further delay in this project will end up costing us more in the long run.

We are currently seeking and accepting donations for this project.  Any contribution you can make would be most appreciated. Contributions to this project are tax deductible. In the unlikely and unforeseen event that we raise more monies than necessary for this project, remaining monies will be deposited into the parish cemetery savings, which is used only for the maintenance and improvement of the parish cemetery. 

We are grateful for your support and understanding as we do our best to follow through and maintain the integrity of our sacred burial places.

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