Register for a Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! Please setup an appointment with Father Andre Metrejean, the Pastor, at least 6 months before the desired wedding date by calling 337-937-6888 and speaking with Connie.                                      Scroll down to find "tips for choosing a mentor couple," useful links, and other marriage prep resources. The wedding policies are found in the Wedding Prep Checklist. 

Wedding Preparation Resources

Wedding Prep CheckList


Register for Prepare & Enrich Online Test


Register for Periodic Continence Training

(also known by some as Natural Family Planning)


Scavenger Hunt Checklist


Diocese of Lafayette: Marriage & Family Office


Finances & Communication (Dave Ramsey)


The Good News of Sex & Marriage by Christopher West (Revised Edition)

Tips for Discerning a Mentor Couple

Prayerfully consider the choice of a mentor couple whom:

  • Whom you both admire
  • Whom you are comfortable with
  • Who practices and is active in their Catholic Faith
  • Who attends Catholic Mass regularly
  • Who has been married in the Church for five years or more 
  • Who are in good standing with the Church
  • Whom you can look at and say “I would be happy to have a marriage like that,” or “I love the way they talk to each other and to their kids”
  • Who attends your church parish or the parish where you will be attending church after the wedding. You do not have to know the couple well or even at all
  • Who you feel will hold you accountable, inspire you and challenge you
  • Who is, preferably, not an immediate relative unless the couple that you both are most comfortable with and admire happens to be a relative
  • Who will take their role seriously
  • Who is not a peer or a “buddy”


For Priests (Witness to Love Session 5)