First Communion

First Communion Sacramental Prep
Contact Person:  Mrs. Frances T. Toups

View a current Registration Form
and Schedule of Classes
for Religious Education and Sacramental Prep Classes here.

Available Prayer Appointments for OLOL FC candidates
(for our 2023-24 First Communion Candidates)

Parents of First Communion children must also schedule Prayer Appointments for their First Communion Candidates.
To view available dates/times for Prayer Appointments, click on the appropriate link above.
Call, text, or email Mrs. Frances to schedule three (or four or five) appointments.
(Parents are encouraged to read her suggestions which were provided at Parent Meeting #1 in October.)

NOTE 1:  It is not unusual for an older child to enroll in the Sacramental preparation program for First Holy Confession and First Holy Communion. However, candidates who desire to receive the Sacraments must also attend age-appropriate Religious Education classes or complete home study packets under the guidance of parents. Please call the Church Parish Office (937-6888) if you have any questions regarding our Sacramental programs and/or Religious Education programs.

NOTE 2:  In all situations below, some home study will be required in order to memorize traditional prayers and Sacred Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  A link to suggestions which help in this process is found in NOTE 3 below.  Click here to view our First Communion Prayer Sheet (containing Grade 1 and Grade 2 prayers).

NOTE 3:  Regardless of a candidate's age, he/she should abide by the dress code for the administration of the Sacraments of Confession and Communion set forth by our pastor.  A handout containing details regarding dress code for the Sacraments and suggestions for Prayer Appointments is linked here.

NOTE 4:  If/When we begin rehearsing music for First Communion Mass, candidates may use this music liturgy planning sheet to review the music for First Communion Mass.  (From year to year, music may be updated.)


An Overview of our First Communion Program

  • The first component of our SPARK Elementary Program consists of religious education classes and activities for Grades 1-5.  More details are provided on our Elementary Religious Education webpage.
  • The second component of our SPARK Elementary Program deals with Sacramental Prep classes for First Confession and First Communion.
    • Children in Grade 2 attend Sacramental Prep classes on Thursday evenings to prepare to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) and the Sacrament of Eucharist (Communion).  A thorough description of those evening classes and the make-up packets (for Candidates when they are absent from the evening Sacramental Prep classes) are available at the bottom of this webpage.
    • Knowing that families are sometimes distracted by a different path in life (serious illness/injury, death, unemployment, relocation/transfers, etc.), we always welcome older Sacramental Prep Candidates in Grades 3-12.  We refer to our Sacramental Prep classes for older Candidates as:
      • SPARK "On Ramp" for Candidates in Grades 3-5,
      • EDGE "On Ramp" for Candidates in Grades 6-8, and
      • IGNITE "On Ramp" for Candidates in Grades 9-12.
      • These "On Ramp" classes are similar to an interstate "on ramp" which merges "new" traffic into the midst of traffic which is already traveling in the same direction on that particular interstate.  That visual image expresses our desire to welcome and help older candidates (who may have been away from the practice of their faith for a while) maneuver through the school year and, when possible, using age-appropriate RCIC instruction, help them gain knowledge and provide some of the experiences which have been missed during their time away.
    • SPARK On-Ramp (Grades 3-5) Candidates are usually grouped together in a class and follow the same Thursday evening schedule as Grade 2.
    • EDGE On-Ramp and IGNITE On-Ramp Candidates typically meet with Mrs. Frances for weekly, age-appropriate RCIC classes immediately after the local public schools dismiss.  On days when public schools are closed for holidays, parent-teacher conferences, or public school teacher inservice meetings, our On-Ramp classes typically do not meet.  (If inclement weather forces us to cancel a couple of classes, we may request that a class be made up in a timely manner so we won't have to delay reception of the Sacraments.)
      • Mrs. Frances typically contacts the parents of On-Ramp First Communion Candidates in September to schedule those weekly classes, however, parents are welcome to call at any point of the school year to gather information.  If the candidate registers later in the school year, they may begin attending classes, but the reception of the sacraments may be delayed one year. 
  • Two Parent Meetings:  Regardless of a candidate's age or grade level, a parent must attend two Sacramental Prep parent meetings during the year to review the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) and the Sacrament of Eucharist (Communion).  Those meeting dates as well as class dates for the elementary candidates may be viewed on the Schedule of Classes.
  • Regarding absences:  When a candidate must be absent from a Thursday night Sacramental Prep class, parents should help their children discuss/review the topics that were introduced/reviewed.  Links to Sacramental Prep (Thursday night) make-up packets are provided at the bottom of this webpage.  (Links to make-up packets for Elementary Sunday Sessions and Elementary Summer Religious Education make-up packets for Grades 1-5 are provided on the Elementary Religious Education page of this website.)

Reminder:  Candidates who desire to receive the Sacraments must also enroll in age-appropriate Religious Education classes.  Follow the link at the top of this page to view, download, and/or print our current registration packet and/or Schedule of Classes.

Home Study and/or Make-Up Packets 
(for Thursday night Sacramental Prep class Absences)

Current First Communion candidates who are in our Sacramental Prep home study program or candidates who were absent for an on-site class may view and print make-up packets by clicking on the links below.

(1) The last page of each packet must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to Mrs. Frances as soon as possible.
(2) All dates listed below are scheduled in the current school year.
(3) Candidates in Grade 2 (or older candidates in Grades 3-5) must also attend Elementary Sunday Sessions and the Elementary Summer Religion Program (and make up any absences using Mrs. Frances' make-up packets which are linked to the Elementary Religious Education page of this website).
(4) Older Sacramental prep candidates in Grades 6-12 must attend their religious education classes (EDGE, ToB, or IGNITE) and make up absences at EDGE or IGNITE! classes if/when they are provided by their program leaders.


Make-Up Packets for First Communion Sacramental Prep Classes

Confession Classes:

  • Welcome Session (Thursday, October 5, 2023; same night and time as Parent Meeting #1 to review the Sacrament of Reconciliation; 6:30-7:30 p.m.; everyone gathers in and departs from the church parish hall)
  • Confession Class 1 (Thursday, October 19, 2023; 6-7 p.m.)
  • Confession Class 2 (Thursday, November 2, 2023; 6-7 p.m.)
  • Confession Class 3 (Thursday, November 16, 2023; 6-7 p.m.)
  • Confession Class 4 (Thursday, Novemer 30, 2023; 6-7 p.m.)
  • Confession Class 5 (omitted this year)

Communion Classes:  

  • Church Tour for First Communion Candidates (Thursday, December 14, 2024; same night and time as Parent Meeting #2 to review the Sacrament of Eucharist; 6:30-7:30 p.m.; everyone gathers in and departs from the church parish hall)
  • Communion Class 1 (Thursday, January 11, 2024; 6-7 p.m.)
  • Communion Class 2 (Thursday, January 25, 2024; 6-7 p.m.)
  • Communion Class 3 (Thursday, February 8, 2024; 6-7 p.m.)
  • Communion Class 4 (Thursday, February 22, 2024; 6-7 p.m.)
  • Communion Class 5 (Thursday, March 7, 2024; 6-7 p.m.)

Retreats before receiving the Sacraments:

  • All candidates must attend the First Confession retreat (Thursday, March 14, 2024).
    • There is no make-up packet for this retreat.  If your child was absent on the day of the retreat, please contact Mrs. Frances to schedule a make-up retreat as soon as possible.
  • All candidates must attend one of two First Communion retreats  (Saturday, March 16, 2024, or Saturday, March 23, 2024).
    • There is no make-up packet for these retreats.  Candidates are typically assigned to a date according to alphabetical order, but if a family has conflicts on its calendar, the candidate can attend the "other" retreat.  Contact Mrs. Frances ASAP so she can provide adequate supplies for the children who will be present.  If your child was absent from both retreats and/or First Communion Mass, please contact Mrs. Frances to schedule a make-up retreat and/or First Communion as soon as possible.
    • Both of the First Communion retreats will end with First Confessions for candidates who are present on that particular date.

Our current Schedule of Classes and Registration Packet may be viewed, downloaded, and/or printed by clicking the appropriate link at the top of this webpage.