Elementary Religious Education (Grades 1-5)

Contact Person:  Mrs. Frances T. Toups

Our elementary children gather for four (4) on-site Sunday Sessions during the school year and for a two-week morning (summer) program during the month of June.  All elementary activities are mandatory for children who are enrolled.  View a current Schedule of Classes here.

Sunday Sessions will be held from 9:15 - 10:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  We encourage the children to attend a morning Mass with their family before or after the session.  

  • NOTE:  Make-up packets (for student absences) may be found at the bottom of this page.)

The 2016-17 year of religious education for Grades 1-5 will end with a two-week, morning summer religious education program (TBA).  (Reminder:  All elementary children who are register are expected to attend the Sunday Sessions and the two-week summer program in their "current" (2016-17) grade level.)  Because the summer program serves as the bulk of elementary religious education, there is no extra registration fee for the summer program.

  • Letters are usually mailed (in March or April) to parents of students who are already enrolled in our elementary religious education program to request current t-shirt sizes for our two-week elementary summer religion program..
  • We will need the help of many volunteers to put on the summer program for our elementary students.  A list of volunteer duties and the volunteer form for the two-week summer elementary religious education program will be linked here from March (or April) through June.  Student volunteers in Grades 6-12 are reminded that this is not a social event for 'tweens and teens. Our attention must be focused on our elementary students all morning, every morning!  Our self-discipline will influence the children's self-discipline!


An Overview of Our Most Recent (June 2017) Two-Week Elementary (Grades 1-5) Summer Religious Education Program:

  • Days 1-9:  Our campers and volunteers began each morning in a large-group assembly for Opening Prayer and an introduction to a specific Bible story. Small same-grade-level crews combined to form large grade-level groups that traveled to five learning centers throughout the morning:  a Bible Theater (featuring skits and games), crafts, outdoor exercise, Catechism lessons, and a Prayer Center focusing on traditional prayers.  At the end of each morning, we returned to a large-group assembly finalè featuring a brief review of the day's topics and talks by Summer Seminarians Seth Lemaire and Reed Bellingham. On occasion, the seminarians answered questions provided by the children in our Catechism Center.  Parents and grandparents were welcome to join us for the daily finalé (11:30 a.m. until dismissal) on Days 1-9.
  • Service Projects:  During Week 1, the campers drew and colored cards for local nursing home residents.  In week 2, we collected non-perishable foods for the benefit of the Christian Service Center in Abbeville.  
  • Day 10:  On the last day of the program, campers and volunteers dressed appropriately to enter the church for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Confessions.  Shortly after checking roll and a quick review of important details, grade levels of "campers" began to move through a 5-station rotation: Adoration/Confessions in church, brief overall review activities for this year's program, a Safe Environment presentation, and two stations for indoor games/activities.
    • While in church, all students experienced time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Students in Grades 2-5 who had already received the Sacraments of Confession and Communion went back to Confession.  If time permitted, volunteers were allowed to go to Confession as well.
    • We appreciate the help of visiting priests who helped Father Metrejean hear Confessions from 8:10 a.m. to approximately 10:30 a.m..  We also thank Glynn and Tina Stutes and several members of the Catholic Daughters who led several Rosaries while grade levels of children moved in/out of church throughout the morning on Day 10.
    • Old fashioned and modern indoor games (bean bag toss, football toss, ring toss, a few "board games" (Connect 4, Kerplunk, etc.), a borrowed Wii system featuring one of the popular (and age appropriate) dance cartridges, "Pin Jonah in the whale," "Throw 'stones' (ping pong balls) at Goliath," and an indoor game where our campers could race "flying birds" (plastic cups decorated as birds and propelled with air from balloons that the campers inflated).
    • By 10:45, the rotation through five stations had ended and we all gathered in the church parish hall to prepare for Weekday Mass at 11:00.  After making a handful of "reminder" announcements regarding Mass, all campers and most of our volunteers entered the church for Mass.  Parents and grandparents were welcome to attend that Mass as well.
  • Once again, the overall consensus is that everyone had fun and learned something new about our Catholic faith every day!

Make-up Packets for 2017 Elementary Summer Religion Program will be prepared and linked ASAP!

 Make-up Packets for 2017-18 Sunday Sessions:

  • NOTE:  The October lesson plans for Grades 2-5 change from year to year as we review the Bible stories which were recently introduced during the two-week Elementary Summer Religion Program (in June 2017).  The rest of the lesson plans may be tweaked slightly from year to year, but basically remain the same.
  • Sunday Session 1-a on October 1: Grade 1 or Grade 2
  • Sunday Session 1-b on October 8:  Grade 3 or  Grade 4 or Grade 5
  • Sunday Session 2-a  on December 3:  Grade 1 or Grade 2
  • Sunday Session 2-b on December 10: Grade 3 or Grade 4 or Grade 5
  • Sunday Session 3-a on February 11: Grade 1 or Grade 2
  • Sunday Session 3-b on February 18:  Grade 3 or Grade 4 or Grade 5
  • Sunday Session 4-a on March 18: Grade 1 or Grade 2
  • Sunday Session 4-b on March 25: Grade 3 or Grade 4 or Grade 5

Click here to download a PDF file of the 2017-18 Registration Packet.