Summer Activities

High School Activity:  Steubenville on the Bayou (optional)

For several years now, our high school students have been attending the "Steubenville on the Bayou" Youth Conference in Thibodaux during the month of June.  Registration details are discussed during Life Nights and will be posted in the Current Events section of the homepage of this website.  Because attendance at this youth conference is optional, additional expenses and fees must be paid.  Teens who plan to attend this conference should participate in all fundraising activities offered in our church parish.  A Steubenville Commitment Form will help our program leaders make plans for the trip.


Elementary Activity:  Two-Week Elementary Summer Religion Program (mandatory)

Our elementary students in Grades 1-5 will participate in a mandatory two-week summer religion program scheduled for June 10-21, 2013.  Because this program is a mandatory component of the elementary religion program, there is no additional registration form or fee for this program, however, as the spring months wind down, parents may receive a letter or email requesting a current t-shirt size for their students.  Click here to read an overview of last summer's program on the "Elementary Religious Education for Grades 1-5" page of this website.

  • Letters were mailed (on April 19, 2013) to parents of students already enrolled in our 2012-13 elementary religious education program to request current t-shirt sizes for our June 2013 program.
  • We will need the help of many volunteers to put on the summer program for our elementary students.  A list of volunteer duties and the volunteer form for the two-week summer elementary religious education program may be accessed from our Elementary Religious Education webpage.  Student volunteers in Grades 6-12 are reminded that this is not a social event for 'tweens and teens. Our attention must be focused on our elementary students all morning, every morning!  Our self-discipline will influence the children's self-discipline!