Declaration of Nullity

The process to file for a declaration of nullity begins with filling out and submitting the attached Preliminary Form to the Church Parish Office.  (To type on the PDF form, first save it to your computer, then click on the ink pen icon.  Click on the add text button.  Point and click where you want to type.)  

Once you have submitted your form to the office, we will obtain a recent copy of you and your former spouse's baptism certificate with notations.  We will also obtain a copy of your pre-nuptial file and a certificate from the church where you were married.  Prior to making your appointment with the priest or his delegate, you will want to obtain your original Divorce Decree and your Civil Marriage License.  You will also need the full names of two witnesses and their phone numbers.  

Once all the documents outlined above are obtained, you will be ready to make an appointment with the priest or his delegate.  Please bring the Divorce Decree, the Civil Marriage License and the names of your two witnesses with you to your appointment.  During your appointment with the priest or his delegate, he will guide you through the declaration of nullity process and assist you in filling out the packet.       

Should you have questions, you may contact Mrs. Beth Lemoine at the Church Parish Office by calling 937-6888, or by email (